How to Say You Were Fired on Your Resume

explain why your were fired from job

Resumes do not include why you were fired!

Have you ever been fired from a job or you just quit due to any reason whatsoever? Don’t worry we’ve all been there. One of the top questions asked from a large number of employees and people is how does one deal with being fired from work or quitting a certain job on their respective resume. If you are looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place. A simple guide to help all those job seekers.

The words “fired from a job” brings a lot of negative vibes. It does not necessarily mean that a worker is not a good performer. There are several reasons due to which an employee may have been fired.  A few reasons may include downsizing the firm, office politics or not matching the job description perfectly. This is specifically troublesome for all those job seekers who are looking for high caliber jobs. They need to present themselves in a certain way and how can ones resume help with that?

The Incorrect Approach

What people or job seekers usually do is that they include the reasons as to why they were fired in their resume. This is an incorrect approach! it portrays a negative light on your resume and reduces your chances of landing your desired job as your achievements are overshadowed.

The Right Approach!

A perfect resume template is a tool that is used to showcase our strengths, skills, achievements. Details are given about how good you are at what you do. It is not a place to type up your failures. You write about what your goals are, why you applied for the job and this goes in your cover letter that is attached with your resume. You tell the employer all the reasons to hire you.


Pay attention to the words that you use in your resume! It makes all the difference. Use the right words in your resume and you can easily make a lasting impression on the interviewer. Thus, replace the word ‘fired’ with some words like these:

  • Job morphed into a different role
  • Cost cutting strategy
  • Outgrew my previous role
  • Left on positive terms
  • Our paths diverged

The final piece of advice to all those job seekers is to look at the brighter side rather than focusing on the negatives of the picture. Do not put negatives in your resume, it should be a sparkle with positivity. Leave the negative for the questions that would be asked where you can explain by showing better side of the picture.

Always be sincere and truthful about why you were terminated in your previous job. Lying to cover up something would lead to further problems later in your professional career. It would just create unnecessary baggage on your part and can become a crucial factor in your present job as well. There is no point in working with a company with bad blood. Be true to yourself and the people around you. Remember, the resume is the advertisement that brings you to the table, proving yourself is what you have to do during the job interview.



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