Creating a Resume that Will Get a Call Back

It’s important to realize that a well thought out resume will increase your chances of getting a call back from interviewers? A good resume helps you to showcase your ability and also shows your credibility to the interviewers so that you get more chances of being called. The articles would talk about tips on how to frame the best kind of resume


Framing a Good Resume

A good resume is not only framed to show off your abilities and talents. It helps you to showcase your talents, what you can help the organization in achieving and how you can add to the organization. There are certain tips that you need to follow in order to create a good resume. A good resume should be short and simple with all the basic important points in bullets, headings and subheadings so that the employer does not need much time to go through the whole resume.

You should also use the best quality and strong action words to show off your skills and abilities. A resume should be free of any kind of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors as well as punctuation marks and last but not the least every piece of content in the resume should be correct, honest and to the point and not overly braggadocious.


Formatting a Resume

A well-formatted resume helps you draw the recruiter’s attention in the best places. Always make your name bold and larger than the rest of the fonts. You would always want your name to stand out amongst the crowd. Enter your contact details and your address just below the name. List your most recent educational qualifications followed by the preceding ones. Also include all your GPA scores for better perusal.

The next format would be your job experience and the job profiles that you were involved in. Start with the recent job and then gradually taper down to the first job that you had Top it up with all accompanying documents about qualification and job certificates. Always start from the top left hand corner as the eyes are naturally drawn towards the same.


Resume Sections to Include in Your Resume

There are certain sections that you would need to incorporate in your resume. They are as follows:

  • The contact information
  • The summary statement and the objective
  • The educational qualifications
  • Your job experience
  • Your skills, strengths and weaknesses and job skills and credentials
  • How you would help the organization to grow


5 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Always keep in mind that certain mistakes should be avoided while framing a resume. They are as follows

  • Always look out for any kind of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or punctuation mistakes
  • Do not use flowery English or brag about yourself in your resume
  • Always keep your resume short and simple so that interviewers can go through it in 30 seconds
  • Avoid the use of passive verbs in your resume like I am, I do
  • And last but not the least always be honest while writing your resume so avoid complications in future.


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