How Important is a Cover Letter for a Resume?

do i have to do a cover letter

To add or not to add a cover letter in a resume can be real confusing for job seekers especially for newbies in job market. There so many questions that can arise during this dilemma such as, does it make me look professional or will it help me in improving my application?

However, a cover letter is important when:

  1. The company you are applying has mentioned in its requirement.
  2. If you are recommended by someone.
  3. Any information you want to provide but is not added in the resume.

In these conditions, adding a cover letter with all the information that you cannot add in resume can increase your chances of getting a call for interview. Nevertheless, places where cover letter is not optional it can still make a good impression and can give an extra advantage to amaze the hiring manager.

When cover letters are not necessary?

Despite the fact that cover letters can make you look extra professional, there are certain scenarios where it is not necessary to submit one. There are certain cases where it is better to leave the cover letter from your application:

You have no idea how to write one – Not adding a cover letter instead of poorly written one is the better option.  Poorly written content can downsize your impression.

The job application does not required one- If the job does not ask for a cover letter, it is better not to add a cover letter. Adding one might irritate the manager because it will leave the impression that you did not read the instructions carefully.  

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Why cover letter is important?

A professionally written cover letter can make a great impression and can help you in getting an interview.

If you are enthusiastic about working somewhere, including a professionally compose cover letter would be essential.  We have listed down few reasons to write a cover letter even if it’s not mentioned can be worth it:


Cover letter can evident your strengths

Your cover letter can work as an abstract to demonstrate your qualifications and other accomplishments on your resume, and can actually convince the hiring manager why you are the best person for the job.

For example, the place you are applying to is in search for candidates with some particular skill, you can use the cover letter to demonstrate your capability.

You can clarify concerns about your resume

If you have any gaps in your education or employment years due to any reason, a cover letter is the perfect way to clarify all the concerns about your resume.

An aptly written cover letter would not only improve your resume but also clarifies hiring manager’s potential concerns.

Cover letter can be an advantage

Resumes can only provide specific information about you; however, a cover letter will give you a whole canvas to pen down your skills and qualifications. For example, a passionate and motivated employee is an asset for every company and writing about your passion in that specific career or for the company can draw the hiring team’s attention. This is important for entry-level candidates who are new or hasn’t worked much. 

Cover letter writing tips

Therefore, now that it is evident that how important is the cover letter, we have listed down some tips that will help you write one: 

  1. Grab the company’s attention

The finest way to write a cover letter that can actually make you noticeable is to write about the hiring position.

Carefully read the job specification and highlight if they ask for any particular skill or quality. Now, make sure to mention those skills or qualities in your cover letter that would definitely grab the hiring manger’s attention and will make you look appropriate for job.



  1. Emphasis on your accomplishments

Have you ever contributed in achieving a client? Or beat a sales goal?

Emphasis your resume on things that you have achieved in your previous jobs in your cover letter to show the hiring company of what you are capable of.  However, make sure to back up your achievements with numbers or reviews so it can actually create an impact.    

  1. Show your enthusiasm

Companies love candidates who are enthusiastic and motivated about their work or for working somewhere. Candidates who are sincerely interested in working something they like are more likely to perform better.

To draw the hiring managers’ attention, you should use your cover letter to show that you are enthusiastic about the role and responsibilities related with the job.

Is cover letter necessary?

Even though, most companies doesn’t care if you provide cover letter or not, however, including one can provide upper hand over other candidates who doesn’t provide one.

Therefore, if you have the choice to include one, then you should include a cover letter.




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