6 Cover Letter Tips to Live By

Cover Letter Tips

Listed below are some simple tips to write a cover letter:

Tip #1 Do not repeat your resume

The cover letter should be used for adding additional details that could not be included into your resume since it needs to be contained in a single page. Expand on the bullet point statements using sentences about what you did, what makes you special and why you are the best option for the company.

Tip #2 Do not think about what the company can do for you

While writing cover letters a common mistake that most individuals make is including how the position would be an awesome addition to their resume. Hiring managers know very well that it will be a great addition to your resume but what they want to know is how hiring you will benefit the company.

Tip #3 Show your capabilities

After you have stated what you have done in the past you need to state what you will do in the future. The requirements and priorities of this job need to be realized and presented to the reviewer in a manner that they understand that you can deliver what is specifically required for the role.

Tip #4 Emphasize your skills

You know that according to the skills you possess you are the perfect candidate for this job but your experience stated in the resume does not show you as the right option for this position. You need to emphasize your skills and show that they make you capable of being able to do the required work.

Tip #5 Do not focus only on education

Most graduate students often focus only on their educational backgrounds however; this is not what the managers care most about. They consider internship, volunteering and other such experiences to decide if you are suitable for the job. Also, they consider what you will be able to accomplish on your first day at work.

Tip #6 Highlight experiences appropriate to job

When you are not sure which skills have to be highlighted you can use a word tool to see which term stands out and highlight a skill according to it.


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