Best Resume Formats

Chose the best format of resume writing based on your job.

A candidate’s resume is considered as one of the most vital elements in his or her career. There are lots of factors that play a very big role in making the resume effective and appealing to the recruiters. A resume should always be kept up to date and most importantly it should be utilized in the perfect manner.


Opt for the best resume format in accordance to your job.

It might sound surprising to you but there are different types of resume formats that have been designed to cater to the demands of different job or professional objectives. If you are an experienced job seeker, you will be able to differentiate between the variable resume formats and select the one that suits your job type the best.


Which are the three fundamental resume formats?


  • Chronological

This is one of the most common resume formats that the job seekers all over the world stick to. In this format, you need to state your work or employment history beginning with the current job role. This style of resume writing is generally followed by those who possess a very strong history of work in the specific field and also want to continue with the same.


  • Transitional

This style of resume writing displays the candidate’s basic educational degrees and the qualifications. You need to point out your role for the specified position and also display the work history. You have to encapsulate your technical knowhow on the subject along with the academics and extracurricular activities that can be a benefit for the job role.


  • Technical or Functional

This format is also known as a summary resume. It is mainly used by the job applicants who are looking for better and more important job roles and responsibilities than their current one.


Select the right resume format. It just may land the interview.

The format of the resume should be selected based on your skills, the experience in the relevant field and the type of job opportunities that you are looking for. You need to get things clear that a recruiter will not spend more half a second on your resume and in this short period the fate of your interview will be decided. Thus, you have to ensure that you choose the correct format.

Get resume ideas on verbiage and different formats.

Making a great first impression is very important in the competitive job sector. It is your resume that can play a vital role in whether you get the job or like or the the job you love. Henceforth, you have to make sure that the correct format is chosen. In case you are confused with the type of resume format you should choose, you can seek the help from recruitment offices locally or online recruiters.


Focus should be on the creation of an effective resume as a whole.

Apart from the choosing of the correct resume format, you also need to give thought to the content that you are including. It is important to have an effective and enticing resume so that employers will notice your strengths and hopefully that is just what is needed to land the job interview. 

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