How to Write an Accounting Resume?


5 Smart Ways To Write A Killer Accounting Resume!

accountingAn accounting resume can be a tad bit challenging if you don’t know how to go about it. However we can make things a bit easy today by giving you some quick and easy points that will surely help. Keep reading to find out!


1. Have a well written cover letter.

Cover letters are much like frames to a beautiful piece of art. This artwork could be okay on its own but by adding a frame you would provide another dimension and make the art stand out even more. In that way, the cover letter would add more value to your resume and the presentation to your recruiter. When you are writing a cover letter, you should address to one person, make a note of why you are sending it to them, see if your skills are matching with the needs of the job and end the resume by requesting for an interview.


2. Make a list of your previous job experiences.

You should always summarize your previous job experiences. Highlight your past by writing down things that make you different. Since you match the needs of the job, do mention that you can plan, train and create a resume even though it is not directly related to accounting. Also don’t forget to write down your job summary!


3. Review Your Resume for Mistakes

Nothing could be worse in the world than having a cover letter and a resume that is full of errors. You have to proofread your letter a few times before you can hand it out to your boss. You must also request someone to proofread them for you and let you know where you might have gone wrong. You may also consider speaking to a few more references for some feedback. You may also search a few websites online for help. Some of them can really help you share and create a proper and effective resume.


4. Show off the positive part!

While writing down your resume, you should always use an active voice. That will surely help in portraying an attitude that is positive. Show how enthusiastic you are by using the right words. This will help you come across as a more impressive person. If you want to engage your readers, you have to keep their attention going by using all the good words. But be careful of overdoing things!


5. Keywords you should add to your resume.

These are some of the keywords you must make a note of. Don’t forget to add them to your resume while writing one. Words like cost accountant, portfolio manager, staff accountant and finance manager are often needed. Next you should add tax planning, payroll, benefits, tax reporting, cash flow and budget management. Other words such as cross functional team and portfolio management may also be added to add more depth to your resume. If you have words like this in your resume, it will definitely make a great impression.


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