10 Resume Mistakes That Can Lead You to Trouble

A resume is a very important part of your career and you really need to see that it is framed in the right way so that your first impression is well accepted by the boss. It is important that when you are composing your resume, certain things are kept n mind. There are some commonly made mistakes that you should always take care of while writing your resume.


Grammatical Errors and Sentence Construction

Your resume needs to be very clear and perfect. There are some people who have a habit of reading between the lines and finding out the most trivial details in your CV. You should take care to see that there is 100% accuracy in your CV with no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes so that bosses do not have the impression that ”this person is a good for nothing.”


Absence of Specific Information

You need to make sure that you have all the details of your accomplishments in your CV. Keep your CV short and simple with all the necessary qualifications, accomplishments, awards and merits. Try and use the correct terms and the correct expression so that people cannot comprehend otherwise.


Make Sure That the Resume is Not Too Large

There are some people who feel that a big four page resume with jam-packed writing would impress the boss. However, that is a wrong impression. People do not like to read page after page. Try and keep your resume short and sizeable with all the basic points and then emphasize on these points once you are called for the interview. That would be the best way to showcase your skills.


Highlighting Duties Instead of Accomplishments

Bosses always prefer that you highlight your accomplishments instead of your duties. You need to showcase all your talents and skills and what you have achieved in the past years. This is what would bring weight in your CV. Also make sure to write a very good objective, as people tend to mess up their CV with a bad goal and objective in life. There are people who would go out of the way and read your resume in a very minute manner and May also find faults in the same. Always incorporate important information and do not leave out any.


Always Try and Use Action Words

It is important that you always try and use action word for your CV. Try and show that you were involved in a project and you did the best part in the same. Also try and showcase your talents and show that you acted as a major part of the team you were in. Do not however, show that you have been too busy in the whole project as it gives an impression that you are trying to show too much and demonstrate more than usual.

A very important part of your CV is using the right kind of contact information as well. There are people who do not write their contact information properly thus recruiters cannot call them when required. This does not serve the purpose of writing a CV.

Try and use the following points and you can be sure to receive a good response from all your potential job leads in the best possible way. Also, be sure to check out our article on how to write an effective resume.


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