How to Write an Effective Resume

Writing an effective resume is required to get the attention of the recruiters.

Are you looking out of a new employment opportunities or a change in job? If your answer is a yes, your resume seems to be the most important thing that needs to be right at the moment. Do you have one ready or still scratching your head and seeking helps from different sources for writing the perfect resume?

Without a quality resume it is tough to get the interview call.

Majority of people seeking for employment opportunities consider the interview as the most important part of the job aspect. It is a vital factor no doubt but a quality resume is also the requirement. Unless and until you have an effective resume, you will not qualify for the interview round even. The submission of the job application is always accompanied with the resume.

Poor resumes never interest recruiters.

Do you get the point why so many individuals fail to get qualified for the interview round? This is because of the poor resume that doesn’t gain the interest of the recruiter. Resume writing is definitely not an easy task and people try to simply incorporate the minimum details of their skills, educational qualifications and the experience and expect to get interview calls.

Competition is fierce, so be unique.

You must understand that there is a fierce competition and there are thousands of applicants and you need to stand out from the crowd. Resume is the best tool to showcase your talents and skills in the initial stage and bag the interview call from the recruiters. There are very small elements that need to be given importance while writing an effective and outstanding resume.

What are the tips to be followed while writing a good resume?

  • In case you have multiple expertises on different fields of industries, it is better to make separate resumes for each so that you can focus on the specific fields of work.
  • Choose the most effective format for writing resume. One of the easiest way to write a resume is to follow the chronological order starting with the recent job and go back to the first one. This helps to read the resume in a simple manner.
  • You have to make sure that the resume is crisp and compact with only the most vital information. It is suggested that it should not be flattering with unnecessary words.
  • Writing a brief summary about the qualifications and the skills you possess in bullet points is the best method.
  • Don’t forget to include the rich keywords that are most commonly used ones in resumes.
  • It is always better to include the references of your past employer.
  • The focus of the resume should be on your recent job role and responsibilities.

Never lie about your skills and talents

One of the most vital elements of writing an effective resume is to write everything that is the fact and the truth. Never ever do the mistake of putting on wrong information about yourself and the job responsibilities. It is a breach and if the recruiters come to know about it, you will be fired instantly and getting a new job will be tough.

Example: Real Estate Professional

There is something popular now and days about buying and selling real estate. You have flashy realtors with BMW’s and gold watches making it look easy. Then you have the house flipping TV shows that make fixing houses look easy. Sometimes even the we buy houses companies make it look easy when they post their property purchases on Instagram. This makes individuals in the real estate field feel like they don’t match up to these big dogs. The truth is everyone in any field started out knowing nothing. If you are wanting to be a real estate professional, don’t lie on your resume about you abilities. If you are hungry to learn let them know, but don’t say you’ve flipped houses when all you’ve done is paint a bedroom. Remember it won’t be long till your managers find out you don’t know as much as you say about fixing houses or buying and selling properties. Just do your best to present your talents and what you can give to real estate company you are wanting to work for.

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