Want to Enjoy a Career in Sales? Then Write a Good Sales Resume

Are you someone who is bent on finding a good sales job so that you can shine in your career? There are various formats that you need to abide by while writing a sales resume. If you already built a career in sales and are looking for a job, your resume objective should be the first thing that you consider.

Story of a Marketer

So because your a marketer you think you know everything about how to engage in a captivating discussion with others. I was in marketing and did many things. One of which was real estate. I wanted to help those who needed to get out of foreclosure or a bad financial situation. So I would offer to buy their home with cash. This was not a bad approach but I realized my strength was online marketing and not necessary in person. Though I could meet people and talk to them about how selling their house fast to me would lessen their stressful situation, I didn’t always know how best to explain it. Then as time went by I realized my strength was in visual marketing and not always face to face. So I teamed up with another local real estate professional to do the in home visits with clients while I took care of the online customer care. The reason this short story is important is because you need to know your strengths and play to them when writing your resume. Be bold about what you are good at and trust me they will ask you about what you are not great at. Just be honest and willing to improve in areas you lack knowledge or experience.

The Objective of a Sales Resume

An objective statement is very important as far as a sales resume is concerned. Before applying for a sales job you should make sure that you are certain about certain specific things. You should always know about the exact position that you are applying for as well as your work background. Getting a rewarding sales job is difficult for many people mainly because they cannot frame a proper sales resume for their prospective employers.

Present your CV with a well-justified and clear objective.

It is always important to frame your resume in a way so that it is well defined and all the objectives are clear. It should always have your educational qualifications along with your objective, your previous job experience in the organization and why you want to change your job. If you want to shoot for the moon, then be a sales manager. A sales manager is mainly associated with the behind the scenes of the organization, They assist the organization to achieve all the sales targets in an efficient manner. The typical role of a this position is to manage, control and plan the budget of sales goals. They should be able to guide the sales team as well as achieve long term as well as short-term sales goals.

Always Write Numbers

It is always important for a sales personnel to write their resume with the help of numbers. He should be able to quantify all that he achieves. Any good sales resume should always have facts and figures as well as sales targets and what you were able to achieve. Also make sure to mention all your awards and positions. Always mention awards like top regional sales awards, top sales team awards and other awards that you have achieved in your sales career.

 Your Sales Figures

Be aware that your recruiters may want to know what you have sold, where you sold and some concrete sales figures. Be clear and precise in your figures and always be transparent as well. It is also a nice touch to mention the tagline of the company you are applying for.. Also if you have worked for a prestigious business or a fortune 500 company, always mention the name of the Company before anything else as that creates a great impression on the client.

Some would suggest to list all your impressive achievements on the top left hand corner .

Do not try and stick to any traditional format. It is important that you mention all your achievements and your results in the top left hand corner as the eye is normally drawn to the top left. Always mention the name of the company and why you would be an amazing asset to them. Also, assure the new organization that you are most reliable and a consistent sales producer.

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