When to use a Combination Resume

writing combination resume

What is the Combination Resume and why should you use it?

Finding the best resume format can be quite the challenge most of the time. However, it all comes down to the stuff that you want to showcase and the way you want to do such a thing. The Combination Resume is a format that focuses on bringing in a combination of skills and the work history at the forefront.

What you have to keep in mind for the Combination Resume is that it works very well if you want to focus on documenting the work history. However, it also works very well, and it can offer some really good results in the end. The idea is that you won’t have to sacrifice the first few lines for your skills without adding the job history.

A lot of employers like this hybrid resume format and they do want to see it used more and more. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the potential employees to integrate it adequately into their resume writing practice.


The Combination Resume is very good if you have a shorter job history, but you find it relevant to the position that you are applying for. On top of that, you need to keep in mind that this type of resume is all about offering you the information and strengths you want in no time. The primary focus on your skills and work history will allow you to have a more comprehensive intro. Plus, this is the type of information that employers are looking for anyways, so it will be very good for you at all times.

In case you want to make a radical career change, the combination resume format can work to your advantage. It helps you show some of your previous experience, but at the same time, it enables you to boost that portion of your intro with your skills. If you worked for a very long time at the same business, then the combination resume can help you showcase your skills, and in the end, it will certainly work to your advantage as a result.


In case you change jobs often, the combination resume is not for you. It will show that you have an unstable job history and you want to avoid all of that. Also, it can show that you lack some of the skills for the desired job, which is why some people don’t want to access it. The idea is to find a good approach, and you will be able to use it in no time.

This combination resume format will also have an emphasis on your age. If you are pretty young, this format will not be the best choice. It still works very well, but it may not emphasize the stuff that you want in the end.

Should you use this resume format?

As we mentioned above, the combination resume is a hybrid format that works great if you have a shorter job history and want to complement that with some of your skills. It’s not good if you change jobs often, you may have to look somewhere else if that’s the case. But as a whole, it’s a solid format with lots of great features and opportunities for you!

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