Top 3 Resume Writing Tips for 2020

Time to write a successful resume!

Resume writing can be a frustrating process if you don’t have a clue where to begin or what constitutes a well written resume. Below are some resume writing tips that will give you a running start on writing you resume. If you already finished your resume it is still beneficial to see the tips below and how you can better improve your resume.

Top 3 Resume Writing Tips of 2020

Tip #1

One major issue is white space. Readability is so very important when job recruiters or human resource departments are looking over hundreds of resumes. If a resume looks cluttered with no formatting, there is a good chance it will get overlooked because no one wants to read something that’s not easy on the eyes. Simple take the time to put extra spacing between sections and your resume will be much more attractive!

Tip #2
Include a cover letter that is less formal if that is what the job likely calls for. This allows you to let your hair down and be more open and reveal you personality a bit more. Don’t be overly playful but display yourself as someone confident and disciplined yet easy to work with others. 

Tip #3
If you are good in front of a video camera then don’t hesitate to display your confidence and talents that way. A resume can never showcase pure expressive talent. You can alway post it on a video site and place a link to it on your resume. Much like a designer linked to their portfolio.

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