The Importance of Using Action Words in Your Resume

Your resume is an important part of yourself and it helps in creating a great first impression with the prospective employer who you would be seeking to be employed with. Employers will take approximately 30 seconds to go through your full resume and these 30 seconds makes a great impact to your character. Action words and verbs need to be used strategically to make a great impact for your resume.


Use of Targeted Keywords

Use of action words represents your skills and accomplishments. Present yourself as a prospective candidate by describing yourself and your skills with the right kind of talents and verbs. Passive verbs such as I am, I was, is considered to be a very wordy trait in a resume. Use the best kind of action words like accomplished, delivered, presented that helps a resume to look more appealing and justified. You should always try and avoid the overuse of passive verbs like am, was and experienced. Instead, you should more likely use strong verbs like launched, completed, delegated, performed, carried out and demonstrated.


Use Simple Words

Try not to use too much of flowery words in your resume. Let the content of the resume speak for itself. You should not write too much on a resume as employers do not have the time to read page after page. If they like what you’ve presented then you will have the opportunity to provide them with more content on your interview. Mention the most important points in the bullet form and then do the talking at the interview table. Try and use strong and selective action words which are relevant and specific to the topics in you resume.


Action Words

Action words help you to qualify your skills and talents. They help you to increase the impact of your resume to the employer. A successful resume clearly defines your skills and qualifications that you have gained over the years and amalgamates your years of experience in a two page summary. It is important that the words you choose should be really effective and notable. You should ensure that the words will have enough impact to the human resource and management  team who would be employing you. Actions words are important for strengthening your qualifications so that you can be among the very best in the employer’s eye. It benefits you to ensure your resume stands out from the rest by the usage of powerful keywords.


Start your resume with an action word.

Whenever you start writing a resume, start each statement with an action word. This will define you as a person who is result oriented who can also communicate and define all their skills, capabilities and experience. Actions verbs are required to describe all your experiences in a to-the-point and a convincing manner.


Placing Action Words in a Resume

Always be cautious while placing action words in the resume. The action words should be placed in a natural manner so that the resume appears to be natural with a smooth flow. Also try and do some research on different actions words that can assist you. There are various action words that you will help your resume feel more engaging and thus more readable. A good place of reference is Grab some action verbiage from here and start impressing the socks off employers!

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