School Nurse Resume Template

School Nurse Resume Template

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Writing a desirable resume for a Florida public school nurse can be challenging. Having the right information and format will generally help make a resume more appealing and much more likely to get attention when sought for a vacancy. Here are some tips on how to write a desirable resume for a school nurse

The first step in writing a resume for a school nurse in Florida public schools is to determine what kind of job you are applying for. Are you looking for a full-time nurse position, part-time position, a temporary position, or an internship? Once you have determined what kind of job you are looking for, you need to list your qualifications and experience.

 It’s always good to be detailed so be sure to explain any additional specializations you have as well as any recognitions you have received. You should list any certifications or specializations you have. Because this is a professional website, it is best to acknowledge any previous experiences you. You might be introducing a problem of stating too much. Use your word processor to write who you are now and how you have progressed.

For school nurses applying for a new job in Florida, it’s important to mention any specialties like pediatric nursing, school health, or special education that they may have. These are also good skills to highlight. If you do any work with children, mention it on your resume.

In addition to having school physicals, respiratory care and medical strategies, nurses now also must write a resume or curriculum vitae outlining their background and experience. They should note their professional qualifications and experiences, as well as anything special they may know. 

 If you wish to have any of your resumes included in the ranking of potential employers’ needs, be sure to provide contact information on your resumes. This should include your name, phone number, email address and any other contact information that you feel is necessary.

One good tip for you to write a resume for a school nurse in public schools is to emphasize your qualifications, experience and specialties. Make sure to include a professional summary and contact information. With the right information and organization, it may be possible to give a good impression on prospective employers. Be strong, please. Good luck!

School Nurse Resume Example:

Name: Jane Doe

Contact Information:

Phone: 555-555-5555




Experienced and compassionate school nurse with over 5 years of experience providing medical care to students and staff in a school setting. Strong background in nursing, health education, and emergency response. Skilled in managing health concerns, administering medication, and maintaining accurate medical records. Committed to promoting student health and well-being.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing, XYZ University, Graduated in Year

Registered Nurse (RN) License, State Board of Nursing, Current


School Nurse, ABC School District, (Year-Present)

Provide daily health care to students and staff, including administering medication and managing health concerns.

Develop and implement health education programs to promote student health and well-being.

Coordinate with school administrators, teachers, and parents to ensure the best possible care for students.

Maintain accurate and confidential medical records for all students.

Respond to medical emergencies in a timely and effective manner.

Staff Nurse, XYZ Hospital, (Year-Year)

Provided patient care in a hospital setting, including administering medication and managing health concerns.

Worked with a team of healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive care to patients.

Assisted with patient education and discharge planning.


Nursing care and administration

Travel Nurse

Health education

Emergency response

Medical record keeping

Communication and collaboration


Basic Life Support (BLS)

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

Medication Administration Certification

Professional Memberships:

National Association of School Nurses (NASN)

National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN)

References available upon request.

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