How to Write a Student Resume?

Top 5 Quick and Easy Resume Tips For Students!

Creating a good resume could be challenging task for most students- the obvious reason being the fact that they are still young and haven’t reached any significant achievements. But if you have an interview coming up and you still don’t know how to write a resume, let us give you some quick tips and advice in this post!


Make a list of your previous experiences.

Before you begin writing a resume, it is highly important to make a list of your previous experiences. Here you should jot down everything you have achieved in the past. From rewards to certificates or appreciation… make sure all your significant experiences have been put together. This will not only inspire you every time you look at your resume but also help the recruiter understand how capable and talented you are.


Put education right on the top.

Education is usually kept towards the bottom of a resume nowadays. Students like to put their talents and achievements on top of the list first. Although it is a good thing to show off your merit but never forget to give education high importance. It should be kept right at the beginning your resume. When you are formatting education, write down the name of your college, university, the city and state where you have studied, the course you took up and the extra curricular activities you have done. In case your GPA is high, you may do that as well.


Come across as a dynamic person through your resume.

When you are describing your experiences for any job, always remember to show yourself as someone who is active and talented. You should in fact add more powerful impressions to all of your statements with verbs that will not only represent your talent and skills but also let the client know that you are the best! Some words include learned, trained, well experienced, well versed, evaluated, researched, smart, intellectual etc. Although there is no reason to add fluff to your resume, you can keep things simple and still make a better impression. Just keep following the guideline.


Write about community service.

Do not ever forget to write about community service. All of this really matters! If you have done some volunteering in the past or helped in an orphanage or an old age home, mention that in your resume. Community service is valued a lot in CVs and will take you a long way.


Always revise your work before sending.

Before sending your resume, it is important to do some revision. Go through your CV carefully and check if there are any mistakes. In fact, experts have suggested that if you want your CV to be exceptional, you have to keep checking to make changes. People who review their resumes obsessively before sending obviously have a bigger chance of landing the job than those who don’t. You may also ask for some feedback from them if you like. You never know what a little bit of healthy criticism can do to your resume.

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