How to Write a Great Nursing Resume

With the rise of the healthcare industry and hospitals, the nursing profession is also on the rise and there will soon be rapid expansion in this profession in the next few years. Many people are attending nursing school and applying for jobs right after graduation. So the competition is high. It is important that a nursing CV or resume can be written in a creative way with loads of common practice knowledge together with a heart of sympathy and empathy for patients. This will go a long way in landing a job in the medical industry.


The Demand in the Nursing Industry

Nursing jobs are in high demand and large variety of people are opting for a nursing job. This seems to be good news for nurses who would like to pursue a career in nursing. You need to therefore need to write a well-framed CV in this competitive environment and it is important that you present all your credentials in a perfect manner. Resume writing for nurses needs to be intelligent sounding, detailed, and confident. This is where your credentials would be judged.


Include Your Educational Qualification

It is imperative to mention that all people cannot apply for a nursing career. People who are qualified in the nursing stream can only apply for the same. Thus it is very important to mention your date of graduation, name and degree attained as well as specific grants, scholarships and the nursing degree that you have qualified for while you were studying nursing. A well-framed CV helps you to lend more credibility as well as impact to your resume and you can find yourself being called by a number of prospective employers for the job. Employers many times prefer a candidate who is more qualified instead of new grad. If that medical organization is on a tight budget then new grads may be what they want.


Clinical Rotations

Nurses who already have experience in this field should mention all their experiences, the health institution they have served and their job role. You should also mention the unique experiences you had during your clinical rotations in the resume. Let them know how you solved problems or reacted under pressure. The more clinical rotations and other medical job experiences you have the better chance you will have of grabbing a job faster and more easily.


In Case of Fresh Candidates

If you are a newly qualified candidate and have no experience in the nursing segment, then mention all your other details apart from the clinical rotations. You should also mention all the relevant degrees and courses that you have accomplished which are important for the job role you are applying for. Mention your educational qualifications, your internship organizations and your GPA scores if they are high.  🙂


Mention Your Key Skills

Writing a nursing resume needs a lot of patience and understanding. You should always write the resume showing that you care for your patients and are willing to help them, come what may. A combination of passion and empathy is the main emotion that a nurse should always have. Also mention any kind of state license information you have and also keep it ready so that you can present it at the time of the interview as well.

Highlight all the specific keywords and your strengths, so they can form a good impression about you. You may also consider mentioning experience with different medications, nursing techniques or how to use good bedside manner so that you put an emphasis on your expertise. These points will help you to be recognized for prospective nursing jobs.



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