How to Prepare a Cover Letter

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What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a document that will introduce you to your potential employer. It will basically serve as a reflection of your personality. The purpose of writing this letter is to convey to the company the reasons why you are the right candidate for them.

Importance of a Cover Letter

To put it simply, it can be termed as an integral part of a strong job application that can help you to get a favorable response from the company. Of course, your resume and performance in the interview matter a lot but a professionally written cover letter can greatly brighten your chances to come one-step closer to grabbing the opportunity.

How to Prepare a Cover Letter?

Now that you have known the basics of a cover letter and its importance, let’s now focus on the main part that is the process to prepare a cover letter.

The process includes a total of 4 major steps. However, there are certain other things you need to consider when writing a cover letter. Here, these steps and considerations are discussed in detail:

Step # 1: Write Accurate Contact Information

Your cover letter should start with the contact information of the company. It must be accurate.

Step # 2: Introduction

It will cover the first paragraph. Make sure you are introducing yourself in the most professional manner to make the maximum impact. Before introducing yourself, look for the right salutation. Don’t go the traditional way of writing Dear Sir or Madame. Instead, know whom you are addressing to. Search for the company’s information available on their website and know about its hiring manager.

Now coming to the introduction, start with the post you are applying for and from where you got to know about the said post. Then, introduce yourself. For example, your degree, majors etc.

Step # 3: Shed Light on your Experience

This is going to be the third paragraph of your cover letter in which you will sell your candidacy by shedding light on your experience and skills. Write how you will be able to meet the requirement of the company for the said post. A point you need to note here is that the skills and experiences you are writing here must be backed up by proper evidence.

Step # 4: Call to Action

This is the last step; thus, holds great importance. Thank the hiring manager for considering your application and reading your cover letter. Tell them that you are willing to appear for an interview.

Things to Consider

These are some of the things you need to consider when writing a cover letter:

  • Absolutely no spelling mistakes. There is no room for any grammar mistakes as well. Proofread your letter twice to ensure that it is mistake free.
  • Take care of alignments, margins, and other font requirements i.e. style and size.
  • Be honest. Don’t include any false information as it can land you in deep troubles in the long run.

There you go! Now that you aware of the cover letter process, follow all these steps and make a professional looking cover letter for yourself.

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