How To Give Your Resume a Boost

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If you are an avid internet user, you have probably seen this debate on several blogs whether it is right to use a resume template or if you should design it yourself.

There are two aspects to this discussion:

  1. It is completely fine to use a template because it will not require too much effort and that hiring managers would not even notice.
  2. The hiring people are too smart, will immediately identify the template, and would judge you as idle and lethargic person.

However, the truth is that the first aspect does sound reasonable than the second one, because:

Hiring Managers Don’t Only Want Good Looking Resume Templates

When companies judge candidates by their applications, they tend to focus on their achievements and qualifications in the respective role instead of judging whether the template is original or not.

A resume is just like a pot that contain all the necessary information about you that helps in convincing the hiring managers that you are the best for the vacant job role. The content inside the resume should be clear and well conveyed, there is absolutely no point of making it all decorative and aesthetically pleasing.

Only someone with extreme unprofessionalism would focus on the design and theme of the template instead of an actual application.

Nevertheless, argument one has some pretty convincing facts that depicts professionalism but we should also consider argument two because in some cases this argument seems reasonable especially for people who are newbies in career path or students. 

Where to make changes on your resume template

You can find thousands of designed resume templates on the internet and it is perfectly fine to use one from there, however, you can also make some changes on the selected template that will not only make it look different but it will also help you land you more job interviews.

For College Students

It is common that a college student often lack the skills and experience to land a high paying job that requires experience. Many people are completely clueless when it comes to completing their job applications. The problem is designed resume template are for those who already have some experience.

The reason is that these templates are mostly in the formats that are best to conveys information about those who already had some experience. Therefore, if you are a college student or you have absolutely no professional experience you should modify the template that can put emphasis on your rest of the application and would sell you well for the job role.

Here we have pen down some tips that will help college students to set-up their resume with the help of template:

  1. Do not hesitate in downloading a resume template. This is the best option especially for newbies.
  2. Also, do not forget to modify it and make it a little more creative that will help the resume to convey your information as a student. Creative resumes always are a great start, but finish with good content within the resume.

Now the real question is what modifications should a college student resume have to make it more professional and convincing.

Put your ‘Academic Qualifications’ first

If the downloaded resume template begins with titles like ‘Work Experience’ or ‘Diplomas or Certifications’ or any other titles that doesn’t have something to do with you consider deleting those and move the ‘Academic qualification’ part at the top.

For college students, the academic part of the resume is the most crucial part because you may or may not have any professional experience and claiming it as professional resume might be a bit drag. 

Make a ‘Major Accomplishments’ title

College students who don’t have any experience may have a hard time to write an entire page and filling every category on resume. However, you can modify the part titled ‘Work Experience’ as ‘Major accomplishments’ that will be more relevant for you.

You can also write about your academic accomplishments and skills you have that may be  related to the job.

  1. You can add about your contribution in your college newspaper or society and emphasize that how you work on those roles like a real job. Include the society or newspaper name you were in, your role and position and time period you have worked in.
  2. If you have volunteered somewhere, you can also write about your role, experience and biggest achievement.


Though downloading a resume is completely acceptable for students , new entrants, and all professionals alike,  a fine resume is the one that contains clear and relevant information.

Save some time, download a perfect resume template and make some necessary modifications that will lift up your confidence and would be an advantage over your competitors. We have some amazing and well acclaimed resume maker that will format the job descriptions on one of our template and will make it easier for you to modify it.


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