Functional vs Chronological Resumes

The difference between a functional and a chronological resume and the best one for you.

A resume is available in three different kinds of formats. However many people are confused about the resume format that they would need to choose for drafting their resume. The following article would give a brief description of a functional and chronological resume and which one is more appropriate for resume writers.


A Chronological Resume

A chronological resume is one of the most common kinds of resumes that are used by most people. It basically starts by listing your work history with the most important and recent work details listed in the first place. This is considered to be one of the most popular forms of resumes that are accepted in all organizations. Employers and recruiters also prefer this kind of a resume because it is easier to see the jobs that you have been into and the job profiles that you have held at work.


The Benefits of a Chronological Resume

Since a chronological resume is one of the most common types of resumes, they are well liked by most recruiters. It emphasizes your history of work and also allows you to show off all your work experience. The main purpose of a chronological resume is basically to get you acquainted with the recruiters so that they can be interested enough to call you for an interview. It contains an objective as well as a career summary from recent to the past. This is a good resume for people who are experienced and are switching jobs.


Functional Resumes

Functional resumes are resumes that highlight and emphasize on your abilities, skills and talents like managing, coaching, and hiring employers. Though you do need to summarize your work history. This is usually done at the bottom of the page and by the time the reader has already reached the bottom, it is time for him to call you for an interview.


Which Kind of a Resume is Good for Me?

If you are confused on which kind of a resume to choose, the most advisable one would be a functional resume. A functional resume is used for people, who have had long gaps in their work history due to certain reasons, are again planning to rejoin work, have frequently changed jobs in a short period gap, or are searching for a new avenue in their careers. These people also do not exactly fit the requirement of what an ideal recruiter usually searches for. Functional resumes are not perfect but they are ideal for people who are planning to change jobs at regular intervals. A chronological resume is best for a person with a great job history.

At the end of the day whether it is a functional resume or a chronological resume, it all goes into explaining your talents and credibility and how you present yourself to the employer. A well framed resume helps land yourself a great job versus an okay one. Vocational satisfaction is very important to your life. Put in the extra effort and get noticed. So, to wrap it up…both functional as well as chronological resumes play their own parts in getting you the appropriate job and the rest depends on you the candidate’s.


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