Free Modern Resume Template 13

Free Resume Template 13

Redo your resume and get a good job! In today’s highly competitive job market you will require a nice CV or resume that stands out above the rest. Download this custom resume and get noticed today! It comes as a Microsoft Word doc that is simple to edit. Employers won’t miss this resume!

  • Blue and Gray Resume Color Tones
  • Stands Out
  • Modern Layout
  • Works as a Resume, Cover Letter or CV (Curriculum Vitae)


modern resume template 13

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When it comes to creating a professional resume, the design can be just as important as the content. A visually appealing design can help to make a positive impression on potential employers and set your resume apart from the competition. One popular color scheme for resumes is the combination of blue and gray tones.

Blue and gray are both considered to be professional and sophisticated colors that can convey a sense of trustworthiness and stability. They also work well together, as the blue adds a pop of color while the gray provides a neutral base. This color scheme is versatile and can be used for a variety of industries and job positions.

One way to incorporate blue and gray into a resume design is to use a blue header and footer with a gray background. This creates a clean and modern look that is easy to read. Another option is to use blue for headings and subheadings, and gray for the body text. This can help to break up the information and make it easier for employers to scan through your resume.

Another design element that can be used to incorporate blue and gray is the use of icons or graphics. For example, you can use a blue icon to represent your education or work experience, and a gray icon to represent your skills or qualifications. This can add a touch of personality to your resume and make it stand out.

When using blue and gray in your resume design, it’s important to choose the right shades. A dark navy blue can be too formal and may not stand out enough, while a bright blue can be too bold and overwhelming. A medium blue or a light gray is a good choice as they are both easy on the eyes and easy to read.

Overall, a blue and gray color scheme can be a great choice for a professional and visually appealing resume. It conveys a sense of trustworthiness and stability, and can be used to create a clean and modern design that is easy to read. If you’re looking to make your resume stand out, consider incorporating blue and gray tones into your design.

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