Dos and Don’ts of a job interview!

job interview

Do’s and Don’ts of a job interview!!!

Interview preparation is an important step to take in your mission to get a well paying job, and you can’t afford to appear awkward, incompetent and unfit during this exercise. This is why you must be very prepared, relaxed and ready to face all kind of questions that could be asked of you.

However, it is important to know that your CV (Curriculum Vitae) won’t be given any attention by any company if it looks haphazard and substandard. Therefore, it is important you know how to make your CV look attractive and irresistible to any company.

Below are some short tips on how to create an attractive and well-documented CV:

  • It must include your name, phone number, address and email at the top of the page.
  • It must contain some personal information or the standard profile info such as your skills and characteristics.
  • It must contain your qualifications, i.e. your educational degree and achievements.
  • It must contain your work experience
  • It should also contain some of your favorite activities, hobbies.
  • It must also include some references to justify that all you’ve written are true and valid.

Once your CV is well-structured and well-documented, you can rest assured that your CV will be received as professional and hopefully this will get you an invitation for an interview.


Things you must DO before and during Interview (The Do’s)

Early preparation

Start preparing for an interview as soon as you receive an invitation from your interviewer or company. It will go a long way to help you achieve success throughout the exercise.

Get all the needed documents ready before the interview date

Don’t wait for the day of an interview before finding all documents as it will consume more of your time. You must prepare every files and documents needed for the interview as soon as you get an invitation so as to avoid delay. This may include graphics or spreadsheets to show off!

Dress the part. Better to be overdressed than too casual.

Your appearance speaks volumes about your attributes and readiness for the job. Hence, you can’t afford to not give it some thought.  Make sure your outfit is ready, clean and ironed for the main day. Don’t over do it with too much perfume or cologne. Dress professional and don’t forget a firm handshake and smile will go a long way to impress your interviewer.

Get up-to-date information about the company

Getting as much current information about the company will give you a clue about what to expect during the interview.  You must be educated with the services that company provides, its mode of operations, its competitors, its financial status and every other fact you think will help you come out with flying colors.

In addition, you must know the location of the company; its opening and closing time; and anything you can find out online. Social media and search engines have made things easier for everyone; you can search the company’s name on Google, Wikipedia, and LinkedIn to see all of the listed facts and information. This  information will help you feel better acquainted with the business.

Be Confident throughout the process

Even if you have a charming CV, you won’t be hired as long as you lack confidence during the interview. You must be brave while answering all questions that are thrown at you as it will create an impression that you’re willing and ready to be part of the organization.

Attempt All Questions

As much as this might sounds too hard or unrealistic, try all you can to answer every question with boldness. You shouldn’t give up on any question without providing an answer to it, even if it’s not the best answer to the question.

Note — This doesn’t mean providing clueless and irrelevant answers to questions.

But if you must, it’s okay to say “let me get back with you” or “I’m not very up to speed on that subject”.


Turn off your mobile phone and other gadgets

You must avoid the distraction of any kind while the exercise is going on. Therefore, it is very important you turn off your mobile phones and gadgets that are likely to become a source of distraction.


Feel free to ask ‘moderate’ questions

You should ask questions from your interviewer about some norms and culture of the organization. However, you must do it in a well-mannered way so as to avoid being rude or too forward.  As much as you want to ask questions, always know that it’s an interview and not a casual discussion. Never ask about monthly salary and other confidential information quite yet. At least not until the interviewer brings up the salary conversation to you.

Things to avoid before and during Interview (The don’ts)


Procrastination is the beginning of failure because you won’t be fully prepared for any upcoming interviews.  Hence, DON’T ever says “there’s time to prepare” because you will end up fumbling during the exercise. Practice answering interview questions on your free time. Say your answers outloud. Believe it or not you will actually gain confidence and good verbal tone from practicing this.


Now it’s one thing to be confident during the interview; it’s another thing to be overconfident and come off as an unteachable person. You shouldn’t lie or over promise on talents you can’t deliver. If your one to over exaggerate then be careful of this.

Eating or Drinking

Eating, drinking, or chewing gum is a no no during the interview — wait until a drink or food item is offered to you. Then you can say yes and partake.


Desperation is a factor that makes job seekers settle for positions that are below their standards or qualifications. Don’t be too desperate to accept any working terms and conditions. Take your time to study all the information about the job you’re being interviewed for so that you won’t end up getting less-fancied positions

Other things you shouldn’t do during the interview include the following:

  • Don’t be too eager to know about salary, bonuses and other benefits. Let the conversation flow freely into these topic.
  • Don’t reveal your weaknesses in your CV or during an interview. If they ask about this tell them things you are not particularly great at but alway s looking to improve.
  • Don’t be too shy or afraid. Just know if you don’t show up with a winning attitude then someone else will.
  • The interview is an official discussion; DON’T bring up family or personal issues.
  • Show good manners. Say hello, I appreciate  your time, thank you…etc.
  • Don’t frown! Many people don’t realize their face always looks frustrated like they have bad gas or their dog just died. Break out that smiling face as it increases your chances of breaking the ice and making that great first impression with the interviewer.
  • Last but not least! Don’t arrive late to the interview; it shows how unserious you are.

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