6 Resume Writing Tips to Never Forget

Resume Writing Tips

Do you want to get that perfect dream job? In order to find your desired job you need to have a superior resume. Now to make your resume the best it can be, several tips are listed below:

Purpose of your resume

Several individuals write their resume to land a job however, this is not the purpose of the document. Due to this reason the resume ends up as boring and shows that an individual is desperate to get a job. The objective of the resume is to obtain an interview, and your performance during the interview and the recruiters’ analysis are the factors that land you a job.

Tip #1 Provide back up for strengths and qualities

You need not create a long list of qualities in your resume without them being connected to one another. By connecting a quality with experience of real life or work, you back up the qualities otherwise it appears as if you are just trying to inflate other aspects.

Tip #2 Use effective titles

It takes employers less than a minute to analyze a resume and within this time frame they cannot accomplish much other than glancing and noting the titles. As the titles need to grab the attention of the employers you need to be descriptive. It should give your employer a fair idea about your experience.

Tip #3 Proofread it carefully

Even it you might feel it is not necessary to proofread your resume a small error in typing can reduce your chances of obtaining a job. Proofreading just once is not sufficient so read as many times as you can.

Tip #4 Use bullet points

Employers do not have the patience or time to read long paragraphs thus, by using bullet points or short sentences you can effectively state your qualifications, objectives and experiences.

Tip #5 Prioritize information

The information presented in your resume should be prioritized for the entire structure of the resume and within each section. If your current job is associated with your previous job then it is the most important qualification so place it on top. The most important skills should be listed first followed by those of decreasing priority.

Tip #6 Do not make it redundant

Most individuals want to add “available for interview” and “references available on request” in their resume. However, you should refrain from adding such statements as when you are sending your resume to a company you are definitely available for the interview. Also, you will surely provide references if you are requested thus making these statements redundant.


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